Senior Data Engineer / Data Platform
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  1.  Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or similar relevant field.
  2. 5 years experience in Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist.
  3. 2 years of experience with Data Management, Data pipeline, Analytical tools, languages, and libraries (e.g. Oracle, Azure, PySpark, Kafka, Airflow, Hadoop).
  4. 2 years of experience building and optimizing data pipelines, architectures, ETL processes, and data sets.
  5. Have technical skills regarding data modeling, relational databases, and data mining.
  6. Strong knowledge of programming languages such as SQL, R, or Python.
  7. Have strong experience with visualization tools such as Tableau (Tableau server), Power BI
  8. Have experience with various research methodologies.
  9. Strong creative and analytical thinking - the ability to generate interesting research questions, identify trends, patterns, accuracy, and insights from data.


  1. Strong understand and describe the business requirements, data architecture, data system design, technical solutions in the data projects and squad.
  2. Strongly understand and describe the various technologies and tools of the data project and squad.
  3. Analyze the business requirements to define data architecture, system design, and technical solutions for the data project and squad.
  4. Define direction include the technical solutions, roadmap, team achievement, and team resources.
  5. Research and initiate the new project for the AI, ML, and data automation platform to improve the efficacy and effectiveness of the business strategy, marketing strategy, and working process.
  6. Research and integrate new data management technologies and software engineering tools into existing structures to improve better.
  7. Research and Initiate analytics models and algorithm AI framework to create value business and find a new opportunity for business.
  8. Drive data teams to deliver the project as agreed or committed.
  9. Manage the team's tasks and coordinate with stakeholders and other teams to achieve the goal.
  10. Solve problems that occur within the team include techniques, coordination, project, and team conflict.

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